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If you’re new to Living Hope or to our web-site, welcome! New people visit Living Hope all the time. Some stay for a while and then move on but many make Living Hope their family! We would love a chance to get to know you better.

Something for everyone

Whether you’re looking for the opportunity to worship, to grow in your understanding of God and the Bible, or simply to meet some new people, Living Hope has something for you! As you explore our website, you’ll find lots of reasons to check us out!

Church and Fellowship in a time of isolation

This is a challenging time for churches to try to figure out how best to serve not only their regular attenders, but how to reach out to the community around them. Much is available online, however, that human element is still needed. Please check out our online services shown at the top of the website. However, if you require prayer or need to talk to someone, we are still here for you. Whether or not you have ever visited us in person, we want to support you during this time. If you have any prayer requests, we have a dedicated group of people who are committed to pray over these concerns. If you would like a phone call by one of our elders, or if you would like to be included in any of our regular emails, we can help. Please email our office using the contact us page, or by emailing and let us know how we can help.

Worship Service Time, Location, and Parking

Each Sunday we gather for worship at 10:00 a.m. We’re located on the far east end of Lansdowne Street in the city of Peterborough, right between the OPP building and the Peterborough Humane Society shelter. Click here for a map. There are several parking spots reserved for guests, or you can park anywhere in our front or rear parking lots. Whichever door you enter, you’ll find people who can direct you once you’re in the facility.

Your First Visit

If it’s your first time here, you may want to arrive by 9:50 so that you have time to visit our “Welcome Booth,” ask any questions you might have, and orient yourself to our facility. If you have children, you may want to arrive even a few minutes earlier so that you have time to check your child into our well-staffed nursery or learn where your children’s classrooms are. Our greeters at each door and many others will be happy to help you any way they can!

Child Care and Programs

Sign in happens in the lobby before the service. All children begin the service with their families (minus the nursery babes – although they can join their families, too!). There is an infant nursery for newborns and a toddler nursery for those aged 18 months to 2 years. Upon dismissal, all children go to The Point for Large Group, followed by small group activities in their classroom. Pick up takes place at their small group classroom at 12:00.

Small Group Classrooms (Where you pick up your kids) You’ll find signage both on, and above the classroom doors.

  • Preschool – (age 3,JK, SK)
  • Gr.1/2
  • Gr. 3/4
  • Grades 5-6 are excused every other week for “High Voltage.”

All of our attendants, teachers, and helpers have been provided with adequate training to ensure a high quality experience for your children. All have also passed a police check and have agreed to our Safe Church policy. For more information on our children’s ministries and programs, click here.

Dress Comfortably

Feel free to dress casually as you join us for worship. We want you to be comfortable and to feel at home as you visit with us! You’ll find the music engaging, the message relevant, and the people friendly! We strive to be scent free; if you have a allergies, know that we are trying to create a comfortable environment for everyone


You’ll find our staff offices located just inside the front entrance under the portico. Although we currently do not have any office hours, staff are available via email.

Let us serve you!

To learn more about our mid-week programs for children, youth, and adults, click here, or click on the “Ministries” tab on our home page.

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